Riverwalk Surgery Center will be closed for all procedures on Friday, September 8th and Monday, September 11th. Due to the uncertainty of Hurricane Irma's path, we feel that it is the safest decision for our patients, physicians and staff. If you have any questions about your procedure on these dates please contact your surgeon's office. Thank you for your understanding and please be safe out there.

Riverwalk Surgery Center has a comprehensive hurricane preparedness plan to ensure our patients and our staff who care for them are safe before, during and after a storm. We have contracts with vendors from around the state and nation to provide support from on-site security to generators and food. Transfer processes and plans with our network of hospitals across the country also exist should patients need to be relocated. Please note we are not a shelter and are not equipped to serve as a shelter during a storm.

If You Receive Home Health Care and Are Homebound

If you are a homebound patient or dependent on any medical device that requires electricity, please contact your physician to ask for his or her recommendation.

If you are receiving home health services, please make sure your home health provider has developed a special hurricane plan for you.

If you require oxygen, check with your supplier about emergency plans.

Should you evacuate, please remember to take with you:

  • Medications
  • Written Care Instructions
  • Special Equipment
  • Bedding

If You Have Special Needs

If you are dependent on life support systems or on any medical device which requires electricity, you will need to make plans to relocate early for a hurricane. Power may be off for some time before, during and after a storm.